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¡Contra la dictadura de la economía! ¡Viva la revuelta internacional del proletariado! (March 2011)

Two leaflets from Kurdistan (February 2011)

  • Two leaflets from Kurdistan [in Kurdish]:
    • The wave of demonstration spread to Kurdistan – 19-02-2011
    • شةطؤلي خؤطيشاوذاوةكان عظراق و كوردسحاويشي ظرجؤجةوة
    • Appeal to the demonstrators in Kurdistan and Iraq – 28-02-2011
    • باوظةوازطك بؤ خؤطيشاوذةران لة شاري سلظيماوي و شارةكاوي جري كوردسحان و عظراق بة ظشحي

Les révoltés au Maghreb… qui sont-ils? (January 2011)

Haïti: sauver les meubles… du capital, et laisser crever les prolétaires! (January 2010)

L'anti-terrorisme, c'est le terrorisme de l'Etat! (December 2008)

Russia - Georgia: once again war in the Caucasus (August 2008)

Les "émeutes de la faim" (April 2008)

Contra los festejos del Primero de Mayo (May 2007)

Contre la fête du travail (Avril 2006)

Contra los festejos del Primero de Mayo (Avril 2006)

A propos des luttes en France (Mars & Avril 2006)

A propos des émeutes de banlieues en France (Novembre 2005)

Our leaflet/poster against the war in Iraq (February 2003)

Yesterday in the Balkans, the Caucasus and Afghanistan, today in Iraq, tomorrow... (uploaded in February 2003)

Antiterrorism = development of terror against our struggles (December 2001)

Yesterday in the Balkans and the Caucasus, today in Afghanistan, tomorrow... (uploaded in October 2001)

Burning and looting all illusions tonight (July 2001)

It's 10 years since a proletarian insurrection took place in Iraq (March 2001)

Leaflets around the S26 in Prague (September 2000)

Yesterday in the Balkans, today in the Caucasus, tomorrow... (uploaded in May 2000)

Leaflet against the war in Chechnya (uploaded in December 1999)

Against the imperialist war: the worldwide communist revolution (June 1999)

Leaflet against the war in Yugoslavia (April 1999)

Down with capitalist war! Down with capitalist peace! (Internationalist Proletarians) (April 1999)

Against War, Against Peace (ASAN) (April 1999)


Yugoslavia: Manifesto against the war ! (September 1993)